All is Lost (2013)

Robert Redford is a legend. His performance in this film makes it a breathtaking piece of art. This is filmmaking at it’s finest. ‘Our Man’ played by Redford finds himself adrift at sea, after colliding with a shipping container. What we see next is Redford struggle to survive. There is barely any dialogue. We rely on Redford’s nuanced acting to show us what is happening.

Robert Redford is by far my favourite actor & filmmaker. Both his body of film work and his work for independent film continually inspires me. I’ve seen almost all of his films and I would count this as one of his best performances (second to An Unfinished Life, 2005). I think that this performance is so exceptional as it’s just Redford. There’s no flashy special effects, no ensemble star cast & barely any dialogue. We are in it with Redford and he not only keeps us entertained, but he makes us feel emotionally connected to the film.

Another thing that is astonishing in this film is how well written it is. It has a great circular narrative and is exciting to watch. It is an immersive experience. Director J.C. Chandor has done an exceptional job of this film. I haven’t seen any of his other films, but if this one is anything to go by, they must be pretty good! I’ll be excited to see what he does next.

And just as a side note, how did Redford not receive an Oscar nomination for this? He definitely deserved one.